Here are 5 common landing page mistakes that people make all the time! Website owners want sales leads and want new subscribers, but they make some common errors, which are easy to fix. A landing page is a page online that has two, specific characteristics: it has a form; and it exists ONLY to capture a visitor’s details via that form. The trick is to keep it simple and keep visitors on the page! Capture their details as fast as possible so you can lead them through your sales process.

Landing Page Mistake 1: Too many options

Landing pages exist for one reason – to capture the details of your lead, so get rid of all the extraneous links that would take your visitor off the page. Don’t make the mistake of displaying too many other things for visitors to click. They musn’t be able to leave your page unless they close their browser!

Landing Page Mistake 2: Too much other information

You want your visitor to fill out the form so don’t hide it below pages of text. Put the form front and centre and keep all other distractions to an absolute minimum.

Landing Page Mistake 3: Irrelevant content

If the email that linked to your landing page said ‘red boots’, make sure the page has a picture of ‘red boots’ and not ‘black sandals’. Irrelevant content may cause people to think they’ve clicked through to the wrong page and close it before submitting your form.

Landing Page Mistake 4: Not mobile friendly

Mobile friendly means that your page is easy to read on your mobile device. There’s nothing worse than trying to read a landing page on a handheld device and it’s barely legible. With more and more people reading email on their smartphones, they must be able to submit your landing page form too, or you’ve lost them as a lead.

Landing Page Mistake 5: No incentive to convert

You must offer a worthwhile offer to entice people to fill out your form! People are tired of constantly being asked for their contact information. It’s up to you to incentivise them to submit your form. Make the deal irresistible! Offer a discount, a free download, a voucher or a seminar seat – whatever you offer, make sure your audience wants – or better yet, NEEDS it!

And lastly… Make it attractive to look at!

Humans are visual creatures and we’re bombarded by so many adverts all day that yours needs to stand out. It can be simple but it must be striking – no bad stock photography, outdated designs, or awful fonts (Comic Sans we’re looking at you!). Do you need some help designing a stunning landing page that converts visitors into leads?

If you need more than just a landing page, we can also design a full website for you.

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