Real World Example: Anita – Online Publisher

Goal 1: Subscription Incentive

Anita wants to grow her overall database (free and paid subscribers) by giving away a free gym towel each time someone subscribes.

Using the ‘Signup Form’ and ‘Landing Page’ features, people can subscribe to her newsletter by only filling in their email address (short forms get a better response).

Once they are subscribed, the system will display the confirmation page, which shows an image of the gym towel and ask for their postal address.

Goal 2: Newsletter to all Subscribers

She wants to show her paid subscribers the latest articles on the site but she also wants her free subscribers to know what great content they’re missing by not paying.

Using the ‘Dynamic Content’ and ‘Landing Page’ features, the system will send a Anita’s newsletter to her entire database, including the following sections:

– Header
– Article on Diet
– Article on Fitness
– Article on Clothing
– Footer

Each section will only contain the first paragraph of the article – readers must click to read the rest. Paid subscribers will click through to the full article on the website. Free subscribers will click through to a website landing page that asks them to pay for a subscription before they can read the rest of the article.

Goal 3: Demographic Survey

Anita wants to sell more targeted advertising on her newsletter.

Using the ‘Survey’ feature, the system will send a survey to all Anita’s subscribers. Each subscriber’s profile on the database will automatically be updated with their answers.

Using the ‘Dynamic Content’ feature, the system will display newsletter adverts that match the profiles of the readers. (Example: If Jane likes tennis, she’ll see an advert for a tennis racket. If Paul likes golf, he’ll see an advert for golf clubs.

A little more about Anita…

Anita is the Marketing Director for an online health magazine.

The magazine writes articles about diet, fitness and clothing. Only subscribers who pay the monthly fee can access all the content on the website.

She chooses:
1. Subscription incentive
2. Newsletter to all subscribers
3. Demographic survey

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