Are click through rates useful?

There’s been plenty written about this and people believe different versions but I like to track click throughs. Bottom line – if I send out an article, I want to know who’s bothered to read it, but therein lies the debate… Some content lends itself to being tracked by click throughs and some doesn’t.

Client A sends out a newsletter containing three articles, on three different subjects. They only use the first paragraph of each article in the newsletter, and use ‘read more’ links for people to view the full text.

Client B sends out a newsletter to launch a product and includes a photo and all the specs in the email. The sole link is to order the gizmo.

Client A can rightly expect far more clicks than client B, but client B can expect more sales than client A. Clicks can be very useful when tracking results, but one must keep in mind the context and what the clicks mean in real terms.

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