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What’s your business fulcrum?

Email Marketing

‘Fulcrum’ is my fancy word for today: “a thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation”. What is the fulcrum in your business? What’s the ‘thing’ in your customer’s life cycle that tends to drive a purchase, or repeat business, or loyalty? How can you use email to make sure this thing happens?

See Which Devices Open your Email

Email Marketing

Using our new package, TradeMail PLUS, you can now see which email devices and email clients your subscribers are using to open your emails. You can: Get reports and analytics on which email devices and clients are being used to open your emails. Calculate the preferred device of each unique email recipient and send targeted content based on this preference…

Save the Date in Outlook

Email Marketing

If you ever send invitations to events, you know how frustrating it can be when people don’t arrive – especially when they simply forget! Use this trick to allow guests to save the date of your event to their Outlook calendar, and make sure it’s set so that Outlook reminds them the day before. Open Outlook – Go to the calendar and double click the date of your event…

Stop Paying for your Newsletter

Email Marketing

Ever considered allowing someone to advertise on your newsletter? There are many companies out there who have the same customers as you, but don’t offer the same product or service. They could complement your offering or add value to your customers in some way. These are the people who could pay for your newsletter by taking out an advert. Everyone is looking for ways to reach more people. Why not let them reach your database via your newsletter…

Use a Landing Page Form for RSVPs

Website Design

Up until now, you may have been asking people to RSVP to your email address. This isn’t the best way to handle replies – you’d be better off directing them to a landing page on a website, for several reasons: 1. Links to landing page forms (which are online) are trackable but email links aren’t (in any mailing system). This means the clicks to email addresses won’t show up in your report…

Don’t Ask for a Login to Unsubscribe

Email Marketing

If someone wants to remove themselves from your database, please let them, and make it simple. If they are trying to unsubscribe and you complicate the process, it won’t trick them into staying. It will irritate them further and you can expect loads of complaints and ugly feedback.