Real World Example: Brett – Entrepreneur

Brett needs the help of a professional.

Brett’s time is worth R500/hour. He’s wrestled with his newsletter for a week and has wasted R15 000 with no success (6 hours x 5 days x R500/hour). He’s exhausted and frustrated:

1. His grammar is awful and he doesn’t know what software to use.
2. He knows spam is bad but he’s not sure how it relates to him.
3. He sent a Word document but it clogged his company’s email.
4. Lots of emails bounced and customers are yelling to be unsubscribed.
5. He can’t tell if the newsletter is helping his clients or irritating them.

Email Marketing Goals

Brett needs someone who can answer all his questions and do most of the work for him. He doesn’t want to take any more of his focus away from his core business.

He’ll provide the text, photos and his list of customers. He just wants to know if the newsletter is getting a good response and if it isn’t, he wants to know how to fix it.

Email Marketing Campaign

Michelle (Director of Trade & Lateral Development) went to see Brett to discuss his newsletter. Brett was finally able to get all his questions answered.

During their hour long meeting she explained why Word wasn’t the right program to use to design the newsletter and why designing for spam filters is so important. She detailed the spam laws and how Brett should comply.

They discussed why his emails with too many recipients bounced and how he could track his customers’ responses to tell if his newsletter was working.

Brett relaxed as they devised a plan for his newsletter:

Brett would send TLD his text, photos and list of customers. TLD would edit the text and design the HTML newsletter based on email marketing best practices and to avoid spam triggers. TLD would create his database on TradeMail (the inhouse mass mailing system) and send the email to Brett’s customers. Brett would get his own login so he could check his reports as often as he liked.

After each send they’d discuss how to improve his newsletter going forward.

A little more about Brett…

Brett owns a national cleaning services company.

Brett’s company cleans business premises on a monthly basis. He wants to keep in contact with his clients without spending too much time or money.

He never studied marketing but he knows an email newsletter is the best way to do this.

Brett needs to:
1. Outsource his email newsletter
2. Save himself time and energy

We’ll do it for you

Outsource your email marketing to us – we do everything for you. You send us your text, images and logo. We design your email newsletter, send it to your customers and report back.

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