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How to Build your eCommerce Website: Step 1

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There’s more to building an ecommerce website than uploading WordPress and Woocommerce and adding products. An ecommerce website requires a business strategy first. Once that is completely clear, then you can start to work on your ecommerce strategy. What exactly will you sell? How will your shop work? Does it need any special ecommerce functionality?…
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How much does a website cost?

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How much can you expect to pay for your new website? It can be tough to know how much your website will cost without first knowing exactly what kind of website you will need. There are many different types of website designs to choose from and yours must align with your business strategy. What does…
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Why bother to update WordPress?

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So, you have a WordPress website and you’re not really sure if you’re supposed to update it all the time? After all, updates are released often. They’re supposed to be simple to do but it can take ages if they break your site or don’t work with existing plugins, so why bother… Right? WRONG.

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What type of website does your business need?

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The right type of website can be tough to decide on. There are so many types of websites to choose from…! You must know what you need YOUR website to do, so you know which type of website to choose. This decision is an important one, and it starts by understanding your business strategy. Once…
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What is a landing page?

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We’re told we need landing pages but, as it turns out, lots of people aren’t sure exactly what they are, or why we use them. Firstly, a landing page is a page online and could be a page on your website, but not every website page is a landing page. For example, the home page of your site is NOT a landing page (yes, even though people ‘land’ there). The contact page of your site is also NOT a landing page. These pages serve several, different purposes and a landing page is more specific.

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10 Questions your Website Designer SHOULD ask you

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Designing a website can be an expensive and time-consuming job. As a website designer myself, I can tell you that my job requires an in-depth understanding of how your business works, and what you want and need from a website, so I can build a website that complements and enhances your business. You should have…
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5 Common Landing Page Mistakes

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Now that you know exactly what a landing page is, do you know how to make yours convert? Let’s start with “what not to do”: 1. Too Many Options – Landing pages exist for one reason – to capture the details of your lead, so get rid of all the extraneous links that would take your visitor off the page.

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Website Strategy vs Business Strategy

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Website Strategy vs Business Strategy (and why they are so similar) Website strategy and business strategy are extremely closely tied to one another – you can’t have one without the other. Forbes knew what they were talking about when they described how to create a successful business strategy here. I build websites, so I get…
why websites get hacked

Why Websites Get Hacked

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Following my article a few weeks ago Why bother to update WordPress?, I received several replies from people who don’t believe their sites could be targets. I tried to explain but, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon an excellent article from the Sucuri Blog, answering why all sites are vulnerable. Tony Perez (Co-Founder / CEO at Sucuri) has very kindly agreed to let me reproduce it here and he perfectly sums up why even your website could be hacked. Most attacks are not personal, which means everyone is at risk.

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WordPress Maintenance Mode

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WordPress Maintenance Mode is an excellent way for you to make changes to your website that you don’t want people to see. It displays a splash page that’s visible while you edit your website. There’s a really great plugin for that – WP Maintenance Mode. It’s very simple to setup and it displays a landing…