Client gifts with no SAPO?


As the SA Postal Worker strike continues and the backlog of undelivered mail piles up, you may be wondering how to send out your client gifts this year? A courier seems excessive and driving them door to door is impractical and, frankly, mad. So how will you thank your clients for their support over the past year?

You could send them an email Season’s Greetings card with a note of thanks and your business closing dates for the holiday season, so they’re not left in the lurch? It’s cheaper but it still doesn’t address the issue of a gift. You may only want to send a few people something nice but SAPO will likely deliver in time for next Christmas…

Why not give digital gift vouchers?

They’re easy to arrange and can be emailed to your recipients.

There are many online sites to choose from and there’s always a way to tie in your gift with your company message. What about a Kindle business book from Amazon, or a catchy song from iTunes? Try something out of the ordinary and your gift will be remembered well into next year!

Thanks to Joe for the inspiration for this idea!

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