convert pdf to html email

Convert PDF to HTML Email

Sometimes our customers have already asked their inhouse designer or design agency to design their email newsletters in a PDF format. However, if you want to send out an email newsletter to your database, this document needs to be in HTML code. PDFs can’t (and definitely shouldn’t) be sent out as email newsletters, so we convert your PDF to HTML code.

We have spent more than twenty years designing HTML emails from scratch. We have also had vast experience taking PDF documents and turning them into HTML emails, ready for sending through mailing systems like MailChimp or Contact Contact.

What about using a free PDF to HTML converter online?

There are many “PDF to HTML” converters available online, and sometimes they’re even free. However, the HTML document that they generate often looks nothing like the original PDF it is supposed to copy!

This is where we offer a superior service.

We will take any PDF document that you have and convert it to HTML code, making sure that it looks exactly how your original PDF looked.

There is something to keep in mind here… PDFs are often designed by graphic designers with a history in designing for print applications. Designing for print, and designing for HTML code, require very different approaches. There are some things that work well in print, but don’t work at all in HTML code.

Due to our extensive HTML email design experience, we can advise your PDF designer the rules that they should follow so that the HTML email newsletter that we create still follows email marketing best practice, and therefore will still get a good response when you send it out to your database of customers.

Converting PDF to HTML email is an art

The process of converting PDFs to HTML email newsletters takes skill, and a deep understanding of HTML code and spam triggers. We need to make sure that the HTML email code is robust across all email clients. We also check that it doesn’t contact a lot of spam triggers, so your email gets delivered, and doesn’t get stuck in a spam firewall.

To design in PDF or HTML?

While we can (and prefer to) design directly into HTML code, we try to provide services that people need, and often people like to use their inhouse designers to build the initial PDF, and then outsource the conversion to HTML code.

If you need a document converted, please contact us. PDF to HTML conversion starts at R1000.

Coding is our thing! If you need an email newsletter design from scratch, or even a new WordPress website, you can contact us for a customised quote.

Customer Reviews

“Michelle presented cutting edge and fresh ideas to take our marketing campaign to the next level. It is evident that she cares about her clients and ensures that every piece of work she presents is of the highest standard. She remains on the ball throughout the entire process, always patiently answering questions and providing expert guidance and advice.”

Clynton McMaster
C. Steinweg Logistics (Pty) Ltd

“I have worked with Trade and Lateral for many years and would highly recommend them. Always professional, quick turn around and a high level of email marketing expertise.”

Shannon Ambrose

“I have been using Trade and Lateral for over ten years now, my newsletter campaign is an essential part of my business. Trade and Lateral is fundamental to its success.”

Brett Florens
Brett Florens Photography