Favourite WordPress Plugins

Backups: UpdraftPlus

There’s no point in building a website if you risk losing it all if it’s hacked or it breaks (both very possible), so excellent backups are a must! This plugin backs up your site (I backup to Dropbox) and allows you to move it and clone it for testing. It also backs up elements (plugins, themes etc.) before you update them, in case they aren’t compatible with the rest of the site and they break everything.

Security: Google Captcha

This is probably your first line of defence against hackers and goes a long way to prevent brute force attacks. This plugin adds the image verification to all your forms, so anyone submitting a form on your site must prove they’re a human. This should also block a lot of spam you receive via your site.

Security: iThemes Security Pro

This plugin is excellent and comprehensive but must be used with care. It protects against a myriad of threats (many I bet you’ve never considered – I hadn’t!) and has stopped several brute force attacks on my sites. However, if you don’t understand what you’re doing you can break your site in seconds, and it’s sometimes not advised for existing sites using older software.

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