A good website design price in 2023 depends on many different things.

Here, I’ll break down some of the most important things you should consider, as you decide on a good website design price for you in 2023. This year is witnessing the dawn of a new age in business. We are embracing a new era of online shopping, online meeting, online everything! We can no longer ignore the fact that we all need to be online in some way.

1. How much is YOUR time worth to you?

Decide how much money you need to pay your bills every month (whatever your bills are, and whatever standard of living you want to maintain). Let’s assume there are 21 working days every month. You could work from 8am to 5pm, with 1 hour break for lunch.

That’s 21 days x 8 hours = 168 hours of work time you have per month. (Let’s also assume you don’t want to work all day and all night, and you want your weekends to relax, so we’ll stick with the fact that you have 168 working hours in a month.) Now we’re going to assume you would like to make R50 000 per month. This amount is turnover, or “money coming in”. We’re not going to get too bogged down with the details like profit and tax, which would reduce the amount of money you would take home.

Let’s keep this as simple as possible:

R50 000 / 168 hours per month = approximately R298 per hour. Let’s call it R300 per hour, to keep the math easy.

So, if you build your own website, you are losing R300 for each hour it takes you to work on it. Your website might appear “free” because you built it. Nothing’s ever free… What happens when you factor in the cost of your time? Is your website design still a good price?

And remember – you are a new website designer. You have never built a website before. It will take you a lot longer than someone who has built a website many times.

Your income of R300 per hour could (hopefully) be used by you to bring in even more money, which means the more time you waste learning how to build a website in 2023, the more money you are losing in potential income.

2. The price of a website design in 2023 depends on what you need your website to DO!

What do you want your customers to do on your website? Do you want to sell them digital downloads, or sell actual products that you’ll need to ship to them? Would you prefer a simple website that only serves as an online brochure? It would give visitors information about your business but doesn’t ask them to do anything else? Or do you need a website that is a constant source of sales leads? A website that can capture the contact details of new visitors as fast as possible, so you can nurture them?

There are as many options as you can dream of, which is why you need to be clear on what you want your website to do.

3. So, what is a good website design price in 2023?

Some companies might charge $250 for a simple landing page that captures contact details but doesn’t do anything else.

Other companies might charge ZAR 5000 for a 3 page website (eg: Home, About, Contact Us) that may give you some credibility in the eyes of your customers because you have a presence online, but it doesn’t get you any more business.

An online store that sells something will probably start at around ZAR 10 000, and the price will grow with the more functionality you add to your ecommerce store.

The point is, web design prices differ hugely from client to client, and from web designer to web designer.

It is very important that you start with a clear understanding of what you want your website to do. In the web design industry, it really is usually a case of “you get what you pay for”. If a web developer sells you the cheapest website they can, they are not spending much time designing it. They are probably not strategizing how your new website is going to get traffic, and then turn that traffic into new business for you.

The golden key!

The golden key is: websites need website traffic to survive. Anyone can get a website up onto the internet. The real skill lies in getting people to visit that website. This knowledge comes with experience. It’s tough, although not impossible, to learn how to build a website on your own… BUT is it worth spending your time learning something NEW, that a professional web designer has been practicing for years?

Please click here if you want to see our overall website design costs.

We like to include a free domain, a free SSL certificate, software maintenance, website security with 24/7 security monitoring. We also make sure all your your license fees are covered!

Whichever website (and therefore website design price) you choose, please make sure you know what you’re getting for your money. It’s easy to pay the lowest price possible and then never get a single lead from that website.

If this is all a lot of information to take in, please contact us and we’ll talk you through the steps. You can also see our website design process here.

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