How do your click-throughs measure up?

Want to see how your click-through rates measure up to everyone else’s?

From a deliverability perspective, clicks are the best measure of activity for an email recipient because a click is a definitive action taken by them. Opens are helpful, but there are potential inaccuracies due to preview pane usage and image suppression.

Average Unique Click-through Rate (by Industry)

Automobiles & Transportation 2.8%
Computer Hardware & Telecommunications 5.7%
Computer Software & Online Services 3.2%
Consumer Products 5.4%
Corporate Services 3.4%
Financial Services 3.3%
Food Service, Sports & Entertainment 3.7%
Hospitals, Healthcare & Biotech 4.3%
Industrial Manufacturing & Utilities 3.4%
Insurance 4.2%
Lodging, Travel Agencies & Services 5.3%
Marketing Agencies & Services 4.0%
Media & Publishing 2.2%
Nonprofits, Associations & Government 4.0%
Real Estate, Construction & Building Products 3.4%
Retail & Ecommerce 2.9%
Schools & Education 4.6%


Source: 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study by Silverpop – An IBM Company

Download the full report here.

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