Everyone starts with the best intentions but often newsletters fall by the wayside because it’s too difficult to think up new content each month. I am currently putting together several annual newsletter plans that make it much easier when compiling your content monthly. Here’s a simplified version of how to plan your next 6 (or 12!) newsletters. (This plan is a starting point and everyone’s email will vary, depending on your business.)

Each newsletter should contain:

  1. Company branding.
  2. Personalised content (i.e. Dear Sarah).
  3. Useful article (i.e. info that helps your reader in some way, even if they don’t need your product / service). This should be the intro with a button to read more on your website, which makes it easier to track if anyone’s reading it.
  4. A relevant image.
  5. Short excerpt (i.e. quick fact – either entertaining or educational, or something you just wish your customers remembered).
  6. The offer (i.e. the thing they can buy, with a button or link to get it, or enquire).
  7. Your contact details (all of them).

Now fill in 3, 4, 5 and 6 for each month until December.

Finally, when compiling the actual email, you would include:

  • Great subject line
  • Social share buttons
  • House-keeping links and disclaimer (join; remove etc.)
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