Do you how to plan a newsletter? Everyone starts with the best intentions but often newsletters fall by the wayside because it’s too difficult to think up new content each month. I am currently putting together several annual newsletter plans that make it much easier when compiling your content monthly. Here’s a simplified version of how to plan your next 6 (or 12!) newsletters. (This plan is a starting point and everyone’s email will vary, depending on your business.)

3 Steps on How to Plan an Email Newsletter

1. Every newsletter should contain:

  1. Company branding.
  2. Personalised content (i.e. Dear Sarah).
  3. Your contact details (all of them).

2. Now add the unique content that’s relevant to the newsletter you’re planning:

  1. Useful article (i.e. info that helps your reader in some way, even if they don’t need your product / service). This should be the intro with a button to read more on your website, which makes it easier to track if anyone’s reading it.
  2. A relevant image.
  3. Short excerpt (i.e. quick fact – either entertaining or educational, or something you just wish your customers remembered).
  4. The offer (i.e. the thing they can buy, with a button or link to get it, or enquire).

3. Finally, when compiling the actual email, you must include:

  • A descriptive send name
  • A descriptive send email address (the same as the reply to email address, so your email isn’t blocked as spam)
  • Great subject line
  • Social share buttons
  • House-keeping links and disclaimer (join; remove etc.)
  • Where the recipient subscribed to your email newsletter and gave you permission to send to them (i.e. via your website, or when purchasing something from you)

We are experts at email marketing strategy. Would you like us to help you to plan your next email campaign?

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