Real World Example: Kate – Marketing Manager

Goal 1: Personalisation

Kate wants to improve her response rate by personalising her emails with “Dear First Name”. Using the ‘Personalisation’ feature, the system can personalise Kate’s emails using any fields in her database.

Goal 2: Customised Event Invitation

She’s holding a wine tasting and only wants to invite South Africans (KZN locals can attend and people in other provinces can book a room overnight). She only wants to invite people who like wine tastings and she’ll give her VIP guests a special discount.

Using the ‘Segmentation’ feature, the system can pull a list of only South African subscribers who have also selected ‘Wine Tastings’ as one of their ‘Events of Interest’.

Using the ‘Dynamic Content’ feature, the system will ensure all the VIPs on this segment receive a discounted price on their invitations. One invitation will be sent to the entire segment but non-VIPs will see the standard price and VIPs will see the discounted price.

Goal 3: Birthday Card & Special Offer

She wants to send each guest a personalised birthday card on their birthday and give them a weekend getaway discount as a gift. She’d like them to stay at the hotel on their birthday so the gift must be sent in time to book.

Using the ‘Automated Send’ feature, the system will automatically send a pre-designed birthday card to each subscriber, on the day of their birthday, addressed to them personally with ‘Dear .

Also using the ‘Automated Send’ feature, the system will automatically send a ‘birthday gift discount’ email one month before the subscriber’s birthday, to allow them time to book their weekend away.

A little more about Kate…

Kate is the Marketing Manager for a medium-sized hotel.

She wants to keep in contact with her guests to ensure that when they stay in Durban, they stay at her hotel and she hopes to do this by making them feel welcome and remembered.

She runs regular events like wine tastings and golf days and she’d like to invite people who’ve expressed interest in these activities, while always offering her VIP guests a little something extra.

She chooses:
1. Personalisation
2. Customised event invitations
3. Birthday card & special offer

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