Open Rates vs Unique Opens?

Do you know the difference between ‘opens’ and ‘unique opens’ on your mailing reports?

‘Opens’ refers to the total number of times your email was opened by anyone.
‘Unique opens’ is the total number of unique people who opened your email.

It doesn’t take into account how many times each person opened it.

You send a newsletter to 1000 people. You get 1200 opens and 600 unique opens. This means that your email was opened 1200 times in total, but 600 people of the 1000 on your database actually opened it. In this scenario, they could have each opened it twice.*

A Last Note:
If your readers manually forward your email to their friends and their friends open it, it will add to the total number of opens, but not the number of unique opens. This is because the opens are tracked per email and if I manually forward my email to you, you are still opening my copy of the email.

*Open rates don’t account for people who open your email without downloading the images, but more about that next week.

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