Stop Paying for your Newsletter

Ever considered allowing someone to advertise on your newsletter?

There are many companies out there who have the same customers as you, but don’t offer the same product or service. They could complement your offering or add value to your customers in some way. These are the people who could pay for your newsletter by taking out an advert.

Everyone is looking for ways to reach more people. Why not let them reach your database via your newsletter, and charge them for it?

How would you do this?

1. Define your customer base.
– Who and where are they, how old, what’s their designation etc.

2. Decide which companies would target the same people, but not compete with you.

3. Set the price of your adverts (this would depend on your database size and quality, and the size of the advert).
– A small advert block may be R500 or R5000, depending on how valuable your database is and who wants access to it.

4. Contact the companies to sell your advertising space.

You could easily get your advertisers to pay for your newsletter. And if you sell advertising in 12 month contracts, you’ll only have to do this once a year and your newsletter will be paid for!

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