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Save the Date in Outlook

Email Marketing

If you ever send invitations to events, you know how frustrating it can be when people don’t arrive – especially when they simply forget! Use this trick to allow guests to save the date of your event to their Outlook calendar, and make sure it’s set so that Outlook reminds them the day before. Open Outlook – Go to the calendar and double click the date of your event…

Stop Paying for your Newsletter

Email Marketing

Ever considered allowing someone to advertise on your newsletter? There are many companies out there who have the same customers as you, but don’t offer the same product or service. They could complement your offering or add value to your customers in some way. These are the people who could pay for your newsletter by taking out an advert. Everyone is looking for ways to reach more people. Why not let them reach your database via your newsletter…

Don’t Ask for a Login to Unsubscribe

Email Marketing

If someone wants to remove themselves from your database, please let them, and make it simple. If they are trying to unsubscribe and you complicate the process, it won’t trick them into staying. It will irritate them further and you can expect loads of complaints and ugly feedback.

Compare your Email’s Performance

Email Marketing

We all know it’s difficult to find meaningful data against which to measure your email newsletter performance. We ask as many questions as possible, compare our results to previous mailings, try to keep our own strategy in mind and, every so often, find a report that can be pretty useful! This is such a report… It tracks UK companies but it’s a nice place to start to see if our results are matching others in our industry.

How accurate are open rates?

Email Marketing

Open rates are as accurate as it’s possible to make them, which will be easier to understand once you know how they are tracked. A very tiny image is automatically placed in the bottom, left corner of every email sent out through our mailing system. This image is stored online and is uniquely linked to the email (and therefore email address) in which it appears. (By the way, it’s too tiny to see.)

Open Rates vs Unique Opens?

Email Marketing

Do you know the difference between ‘opens’ and ‘unique opens’ on your mailing reports? ‘Opens’ refers to the total number of times your email was opened by anyone. ‘Unique opens’ is the total number of unique people who opened your email. It doesn’t take into account how many times each person opened it.