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Post to Social Media

Email Marketing

You want to get the maximum benefit from your email newsletter, right? So make sure you post it to every social media profile you have, so as many people see it as possible.

Write a Great Subject Line

Email Marketing

Here are five simple ways to improve your response by fine-tuning your subject line: A typical inbox shows about 60 characters of a subject line, and a smartphone shows about 25 to 30 characters, so keep it short. Put the most important information at the beginning, in case the rest gets cuts off…

Birthday Cards

Email Marketing

Ever thought about sending your readers a birthday card on their birthday? What about a mutually beneficial offer? (You sell something and they get a gift!) Consider the Marketing Manager of a hotel who wants to make her guests feel welcome…

4 Valentine’s Tips to Apply to Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Yup, I’m jumping on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon and why not? Treat your readers like you’d treat your Valentine and you may just get lucky! 1. Don’t Kidnap your Date – It’s illegal in both senses… You wouldn’t run up to a potential date on the street, tackle them and throw them into your car, even IF you were planning a delectable dinner for two with champagne and a helicopter ride over the city.

A/B Split Test

Email Marketing

Split testing is a way to test various elements of a campaign (eg: subject line) to check which gets a better response. Example: Send Email A (using subject A) to 25% of your database. Send Email B (using subject B) to another 25% of your database…

Writing can be Very Easy, or Very Hard

Email Marketing

I discovered Writers Write many years ago and have been on several of their courses since (my dream of writing a novel is not dead yet!). They run practical, inspiring workshops in creative writing but their business writing courses are also something special. If you’re serious about writing a decent business newsletter, their Plain Language Programme is the way to go.