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Why are opens a bad way to track your email newsletter response?

“Opens” are a statistic you should see on any bulk mailing report (when using a professional service) that shows how many times your email was opened. You should see “total opens” and “unique opens”. Total opens are the number of times your email was opened in total (duh), whereas unique opens are the number of…

Why No one is Responding to your Email Newsletter

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Email newsletters get a lot of bad press but, done correctly, they can turn your business around. They provide a direct channel to your customers and potential customers that no megalomaniacal social media company can shut down. They also offer an ideal means for those same customers to contact you in return. They can respond…

Do your customers like you?

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Do you know – and do you want to know…? My guess is you probably do, and it’s really easy to find out, using your regular email newsletter. First go to Survey Monkey and create a (free) 10 question survey: It’ll take 10 minutes max. Then we’ll create an email newsletter for you, with…

Should you design for mobile?

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I often get asked if designing your email newsletters to look good on mobile devices is worth it, and the answer is often yes. However, it really depends on YOUR database and whether your subscribers read your emails on their phones, their desktop computers or on webmail. Now we can answer this for you with TradeMail PLUS.

SWOT on your Email

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If you already have an email newsletter, have you ever sat down and really thought about what it’s doing for your business and where it can be improved? If you don’t have one, have you given any serious thought to how one could help you? Whether you have one already or not, try a 5 minute SWOT analysis (Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats) and see if anything interesting comes up!

What’s the average response rate to emails?

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Ever wondered what open rates and click-throughs other companies are getting? Want to know if you match up? This report is the result of an analysis of over 1.1 billion email messages sent through the online marketing platform in the 12 months from 1st January – 31st December 2012. These email campaigns are all from small-medium sized UK organisations.

Top 10 Clients that Open Email

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Ever wondered which devices are most often used to open emails? Litmus Email Analytics calculated these statistics from 927 million opens worldwide, in September 2014.