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3 Questions to Ask BEFORE Building your Online Store

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Let’s be frank – there are a LOT more questions to ask than just these three, but if you can’t answer these questions specifically, your store is doomed before you start. Question 1: How will you price your product? This is not about your profit margin. This is about whether your product is a single price…

Why No one is Responding to your Email Newsletter

Email Marketing
Email newsletters get a lot of bad press but, done correctly, they can turn your business around. They provide a direct channel to your customers and potential customers that no megalomaniacal social media company can shut down. They also offer an ideal means for those same customers to contact you in return. They can respond…

10 Foolproof Ways to Grow your Email List

Email Marketing
1. Create awesome email content! It has to be good if you want readers to forward it on. 2. Encourage your current subscribers to share your emails by including social sharing buttons and a “Forward to a Friend” button. Please also include a “Subscribe” link at the end of every email so the new recipients…

4 Transactional Emails you can Send

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Transactional emails are one-to-one emails that are triggered by specific actions, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. We can set all these up for you – just ask! 1. Confirmation Email It’s immensely frustrating to register for an event and not know if the registration went through or not. To…

8 Informational Emails you can Send*

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We can set all these emails up for you – just ask! *There are several more types of ‘transactional emails’, which we’ll cover next month. 1. New Content Announcement Email This is one you probably already know and love. Here you’d announce your upcoming sale, ebook, webinar, coupon, free trial etc. This email describes a…

Do your customers like you?

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Do you know – and do you want to know…? My guess is you probably do, and it’s really easy to find out, using your regular email newsletter. First go to Survey Monkey and create a (free) 10 question survey: It’ll take 10 minutes max. Then we’ll create an email newsletter for you, with…

How do your click-throughs measure up?

Email Marketing
Want to see how your click-through rates measure up to everyone else’s? From a deliverability perspective, clicks are the best measure of activity for an email recipient because a click is a definitive action taken by them. Opens are helpful, but there are potential inaccuracies due to preview pane usage and image suppression. Average Unique…

Should you design for mobile?

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I often get asked if designing your email newsletters to look good on mobile devices is worth it, and the answer is often yes. However, it really depends on YOUR database and whether your subscribers read your emails on their phones, their desktop computers or on webmail. Now we can answer this for you with TradeMail PLUS.