If you have a WordPress website, you should be updating it regularly. I’m not referring to the update of the content on your website (like your website blog, products, content or images). I’m referring to the WordPress software like the core, the WordPress theme you are using, and the plugins on your website.

Updating the WordPress core, your theme and your plugins is critical and must be done regularly.

WordPress (and many of the plugins) are open-source, which means as soon as you get the update, so do hackers around the world. You can rest-assured that they start to look for software vulnerabilities straight away. Therefore the updates often fix bugs and block holes via which your site could have been exploited. You can say goodbye to your search engine rankings if your site does get hacked. Search engines de-index websites that contain malicious code.

WordPress updates can be simple to do, but must be handled with caution. (Please contact us if you need some help with this!)

There’s always a chance that a new WordPress update will break something on your website. You MUST back up your entire website before you start. You have to be able to roll back to a previous version if anything stops working after an update. I suggest backing up elements separately (i.e. the database, the core, the theme, plugins, and uploads) so they are quicker to restore if something goes wrong. Then update each piece of software separately and check that the WordPress update hasn’t broken anything on your website.

Please don’t ever simply select the long list of updates and update them all at once!

One of those updates could break your website and you’ll never know which one, because you ran the updates altogether. It’s imperative that you backup and update one at a time, and check your website each time. It can get cumbersome, but it can save you a lot of heartache. A broken website is much easier to fix if you know which WordPress update broke it.

We offer Website Maintenance, Security and Backups as a monthly WordPress update service if you would prefer us to look after all this for you.

Website maintenance is incredibly important and the cost of this must be factored into your website design cost. Whether you do it yourself, or someone else does it for you, it’s crucial that it gets done!

Do not neglect your WordPress website’s updates. An outdated website is sure to eventually break completely or get hacked. All your good work will be lost forever and you might need to start from scratch. Has this ever happened to you? Do you need some help redesigning or rebuilding your website?

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