WordPress Website Price Estimates

Do you need a website?

Choose from one of our packages below or contact us for a custom quote based on your unique requirements. Designing a website from scratch can be daunting if you’ve never done it before, which is why we are here to walk you through the process. We’ll calm the chaos in your business by managing your email and website for you. Isn’t it time you had a home online?

Who is Trade and Lateral?

Trade and Lateral Development is a website design company. We started in May 2000 and have been going more than twenty years.

Our customers are too busy concentrating on their core business to worry about how to build an incredible website that converts visitors into sales. We help our customers to understand which website is perfect for their business, and then we build it for them. We ask the right questions so there aren’t any surprises, and we show them how to update their websites themselves. If they’re too busy for that, we do it for them!

Information Website from
R8 500for the first year
  • 5 Information Pages + Blog
  • Comprehensive Quote Form
  • Premium WordPress Theme (worth $80)
  • Triple-Layer Security
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Weekly Backups to Dropbox
  • Thereafter R3000 per year
Premium Online Shop from
R22 500for the first year
  • 8 Information Pages + Blog
  • 11 - 30 Products
  • Comprehensive Contact Form
  • Premium WordPress Theme (worth $80)
  • Single Payment Gateway
  • Single Currency
  • Triple-Layer Security
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • PDF Invoices to Customers
  • Customised Email Notifications
  • Weekly Backups to Dropbox
  • 12 Months' Software Updates
    and Hack Protection
  • High Speed Website Optimisation
  • SEO Consultation
  • Thereafter R7000 per year

The ‘Information Website’ and ‘Basic Online Shop’ may add the following options as required:

  • Continuous Software Updates and Hack Protection: R450 per month
  • High Speed Website Optimisation Bolt On: R2 450 once off

What you’ll need to build your website:

  1. Your Website Copy – Will you be writing this yourself, or will you hire a copywriter?
  2. Images – Do you have images, or will you hire a photographer to take them? Would you prefer to source stock photography or illustrations?
  3. Hosting – You’ll need a hosting account with a web host such as Integrated IT, Gridhost, Hetzner in South Africa, and there are many more options internationally.
  4. Domain Name – Do you want to register a domain name in your own country, or do you prefer a .com domain? If you’ll be servicing a local audience, stick to your local extension. You can see a list of all the extensions here. If you’re servicing an international audience, rather register a .com domain.

You’re ready to get started on your new website! Designing and building websites is exciting and fulfilling and I know you’re going to love building yours! If you need some help, please contact us.

Domain Registration Tips

Here are some quick tips to remember when registering your domain name:

Keep it short and make it easy to type. Use keywords and target your area if applicable. Make it memorable and avoid numbers and hyphens. Choose the right extension for you and act quickly so that no one else registers it first!