I’ve been researching SEO (search engine optimisation) and want to point out something that could really help your site’s rankings.

Search engine optimisation is a series of techniques used to increase the number of visitors to your website by improving your page ranking on search engines like Google (i.e. ways to get higher up the list of search results for your chosen keyword).

Let’s assume you have already chosen the keywords for which you want to rank.

Your website structure matters greatly for SEO because it helps Google to understand your site and where to find content. Good structure ensures you don’t compete with your own content. You’ll probably write many articles about similar topics. Unless the structure is clear and correct, Google won’t know which article is the most important and your articles could compete with each other for rank.

Your site structure should look like a pyramid:


Site structure guidelines:

  1. Every page should have a DIFFERENT focus keyword.
  2. Pages about similar topics should be linked to each other.
  3. Pages focusing on more common search terms should appear higher up, and pages focusing on long tail keywords should appear lower down.
  4. Have between 2 and 7 main sections.
  5. Ensure sections are about equally large. If they’re too large, split them into 2.
  6. Ensure no section is more than twice as large as any other section.
  7. Large sections should have a prominent place on your homepage.
  8. If a section is relatively large, this is something you write a lot about. Dividing the section into 2 would result in a more accurate reflection of the content on your site.
  9. Pages that generate a lot of traffic should have a prominent place on your site (check your web stats to confirm). Put these pages relatively high in your site structure.
  10. Delete pages that aren’t beneficial to users.

Draw your site structure to see if you can identify potential problems.

There’s a LOT more to SEO, but this is a great place to start. (It can also be the most challenging if your site has been going for a while.)

In the coming months we’ll delve more into SEO but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.

If this is all a little technical, we can also design your website for you, and show you how to manage your SEO.

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