What exactly is a ‘Landing Page’?

We’re told we need landing pages but, as it turns out, lots of people aren’t sure exactly what they are, or why we use them.

Firstly, a landing page is a page online and could be a page on your website, but not every website page is a landing page. For example, the home page of your site is NOT a landing page (yes, even though people ‘land’ there). The contact page of your site is also NOT a landing page. These pages serve several, different purposes and a landing page is more specific.

A landing page is a page online that has two, specific characteristics:

  1. It has a form.
  2. It exists ONLY to capture a visitor’s details via that form.

(This is why your website contact page is NOT a landing page – it does have a form, but it doesn’t exist SOLELY to capture your visitor’s information. It probably has your company contact details on it too.)

So, what’s the form for?

The form is a way for you to gather more information about your visitors, before giving them something in return. You could ask them to complete their name, phone number and country.

Once they’ve done so and submitted the form, you could give them:

  • A subscription to your newsletter
  • A free article or ebook to download
  • A competition entry
  • A free trial of your product
  • A voucher
  • A consultation for professional services
  • A webinar/seminar registration
  • A physical gift (you would have to send this to them via physical mail)

The idea then is to use the information you’ve gathered about your visitors, to send them more targeted, customised information and/or marketing materials.

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