WhatsApp for your Desktop

WhatsApp is an amazing app and is fast becoming a mainstream business tool for communicating with customers. However, typing lengthy replies to customers is time-consuming on your phone, and very distracting during the work day when you’re busy on your computer.

That’s where WhatsApp on your computer comes in. If you’re not using this already, you are missing out!

There are two ways to access WhatsApp from your Desktop, and they basically achieve the same thing. The first is WhatsApp Web via your web browser, and the second is by downloading the WhatsApp program to your computer. Personally, I prefer the downloaded program.

Download the program here (it’s small), connect it to your phone’s WhatsApp and you’re good to go. It allows you to see your WhatsApp on your Desktop as well as your phone and, best of all – you can type messages on your computer keyboard rather than on your phone! (Be aware that your phone needs an active internet connection for this to work, and it can drop sometimes so keep your phone nearby, especially when you first start using WhatsApp on your computer.)

This has changed my life and WhatsApp queries from clients (during office hours…) no longer annoy me. Please try it. If you use WhatsApp on your phone, I GUARANTEE this will make your life a thousand times easier!

Download to your Desktop here
Setup instructions here

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