Why bother to update WordPress?

So, you have a WordPress website and you’re not really sure if you’re supposed to update it all the time? After all, updates are released often. They’re supposed to be simple to do but it can take ages if they break your site or don’t work with existing plugins, so why bother… Right?

WRONG. Updating the WordPress core, your theme and your plugins is critical and must be done regularly.

WordPress (and many of the plugins) are open-source, which means as soon as you get the update, so do hackers around the world, and they can start to look for vulnerabilities straight away. Therefore the updates often fix bugs and block holes via which your site could have been exploited.

If your site does get hacked, you can say bye-bye to your search engine rankings as engines de-index sites that contain malicious code.

But there’s always the chance that your updates will not play nicely with other software on your site and something will break. For this reason you need to back everything up before you start, and make sure you can roll back if anything stops working. I use Updraft Plus for this as it lets you backup and/or restore the plugins, core, theme and database separately.

Do not neglect your site’s updates – it’s the fastest way to lose it all.

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