WordPress Maintenance Mode is an excellent way for you to make changes to your website that you don’t want people to see. It displays a splash page that’s visible while you edit your website.

There’s a really great plugin for that – WP Maintenance Mode. As an added bonus – it’s quick and cheap! It’s very simple to setup and it displays a landing page that tells visitors when to expect you back online! The design module is very easy to use. You can add whatever content you want to the page your visitors will see, while WordPress Maintenance Mode is activated. It’s fully customisable, so you can change colours, text, and background images.

Use WordPress Maintenance Mode as a ‘Coming Soon’ page

You can also use this plugin as a coming soon page. It has an option to add a countdown timer to show the time remaining until your website launch.

While using WordPress Maintenance Mode, it’s always advisable to the subscription form too. Using this, you can collect the email addresses of interested website visitors and notify them when your website is live again. The form allows you to export the collected emails to a .csv file, to make for easy database management. Add your social media icons so people can find you online even when your website is being maintained. Just enter your social media profile URLs, and the plugin will automatically display your social media buttons.

Extra bonus – it works with any WordPress theme!

Administrators have full access to the website while WordPress Maintenance Mode is activated. (Remember, they need to be logged into the website to view it.) You can change these user roles if you prefer, so different roles will also have access when they are logged in.

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Need some ideas of what to put on your WordPress maintenance mode page? Please contact us and we will talk you through some really great options.

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