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Major Tom Backpacks that dispense any beverage, including coffee, beer, soup & sunscreen.
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Mobile Beverage* Dispensing Backpacks
*We can dispense soup and sunscreen too!
We hope you enjoyed Markex! In case we didn't get a chance to catch up with you at the show,
we'd like to make sure you have all the information you need, so please download our catalogue.
We rent, sell and service beverage dispensing backpacks. We also run activation events from
start to finish. We're always around if you have questions or need ideas for your next event.
Our mobile backpacks will reach more people, reduce congestion at your bar and increase sales. The backpacks and cups can be branded, turning the dispenser into a walking, talking billboard!

The backpacks can dispense any beverage, whether they're hot or cold, carbonated or non-carbonated. They also dispense coffee, beer, soup & sunscreen.
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Tel: +27 11 792 2039
Cell: +27 82 334 2191
Each backpack contains:
Outer Casing; Mini Keg Canister; Cup Holder; Pourer; Mini CO2 Canister (CO2 in carbonated backpacks only).

Capacity: 11.3 Litres
Filled Weight: +16kg
Branding: 760mm x 410mm
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