The Summary…

I have run Trade and Lateral Development since May 2000. We handle the WordPress website design and email marketing campaigns of our customers, so they can stop worrying whether they’re getting it right, and focus on their core business. I’m a professional voice artist, an insatiable reader, an aspiring whisky connoisseur, and a terrible dancer.

The Story…

At the start of the new millennium (2000) I was an out of work actress in South Africa who loathed computers, had never heard of online marketing, and counted running a business as my greatest fear.

Wanting a roof over my head (and my entrepreneurial father) were great motivators to overcoming that fear. Being both creative and broke, I borrowed a laptop to send colourful emails to businesses, explaining why I was special and why they should pay me. My explanations were (very) brief but my love of online communication was born.

While honing my own business’ marketing efforts, I dreamed up marketing and branding strategies that I could test, which my clients could ultimately implement. Now, instead of them braving the internet alone, I do it all for them.

Over the years, happy email clients wanted websites that looked as smart as their emails, so I delved into website design. Today I specialise in WordPress – known for its practicality and immense flexibility. Clients love being able to update their sites themselves, and they can add complex functionality without breaking the bank.

I’ve also been a professional voice artist for over 20 years, specialising in telephone on hold, after hours answering, IVR, radio, TV, corporate videos, and more, now from my own home studio. (And while I may be able to speak, my singing voice sounds like a cat being strangled…)

These days, when I’m not waist deep in marketing reports or gazing lovingly at pixels, I can be found in the heart of a game reserve, whisky in hand, discussing the meaning of life with anyone who will listen.

Michelle Fouche, Director of Trade and Lateral Development