Hosting, Backups, Security & Maintenance

We provide WordPress website hosting, security, and maintenance, as well as weekly, offsite backups. This will keep your website functional, safe, and secure.

Website Maintenance

All WordPress websites requires website security and maintenance. The website software must be kept up to date at all times. This includes the WordPress core, your theme (that controls the look of the site), and your plugins (additional software that adds functionality).

Website Hosting

We’ll host you on our own dedicated server, managed by an outstanding team.

Weekly, Automated, Off-site Backups

We backup your website to Dropbox, and store 8 copies at a time.

Triple-layer Website Security

We check to make sure each step of your website setup is secure.

WordPress Software Maintenance

We keep your licenses and core, theme and plugin software up to date.

Why is keeping your software updated so important?

The WordPress core software, themes and plugins are regularly updated by their respective developers. You will need valid licenses (usually paid annually) for any paid software you use on your website. These licenses allow you access to the latest software updates available, as well as support from the developers themselves. As the developers update their software, they add new functionality or design elements, as well as fix security holes as they occur. It is vital that you have access to these updates so your website is as functional and secure as possible.

Websites that are outdated and not regularly maintained will eventually break, or get hacked. Maintaining your website software is a critical step in the fight against functionality errors (caused by software updates) and potential hacking. It’s our job to ensure this doesn’t happen, or to fix it if it does. No one can guarantee your website will never be hacked, but we do our best to ensure it’s as protected as possible.

Website Maintenance and Security Package

All our packages include:

  • Monthly website hosting
  • Latest server software
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Weekly backups (8 backups are stored on an external Dropbox account, i.e. 2 months’ worth of your website)
  • Software maintenance and updates (including WordPress core, themes, and plugins; excluding site content)
  • Fixing incompatibilities or errors if software updates break your site (if replacement software is required, we will quote accordingly)
  • Checking the validity of software licenses and renewing where necessary (renewals only with your permission)
  • Comprehensive, layered WordPress security
  • 24/7 Intensive security monitoring (alerts are sent to our support staff)
  • Attack tracking (tracking whether your site is under attack, or has been hacked)
  • Mitigating website attacks in real time

All websites hosted on our servers are required to utilise our website security and maintenance package. This is so our server security isn’t breached, which could expose your site (and the sites of all our clients) to potential hacking.

If you are hosted on a different server, we can still offer our website security and maintenance as an independent service.

Do you want us to look after your website maintenance and security?

You are not obligated to take a maintenance package if you fill out this form.

Costs range from R750 – R950+ per month, depending on the size of your website. Please contact us below for an exact quote for your site. Please Note: All software license fees are for our client’s account.

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