Premium Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Premium Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

R5,500.00 / month and a R1,500.00 sign-up fee

Your SEO (search engine optimization) process will follow this path:

  1. Improve issues that Google considers important.
  2. Improve user experience so they will engage with your website.
  3. Benchmark where your website ranks currently.
  4. Offer suggestions for improvement.

It is extremely important to tackle ALL objectives. User experience DIRECTLY impacts search rankings, although it’s not the only factor. Our SEO packages begin with an analysis and SEO optimization of your website.

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Google Tools
Google Analytics: Setup and Analyse
Google Search Console: Setup and Analyse
Google My Business: Setup and Optimise

Website Speed
Benchmark Website Speed
Advanced Speed Optimisation

Weekly OFFSITE Backups

Advanced Security Audit
Full Software Maintenance
Triple-layer Security

Onsite Checks
Onsite Feature Audit

Compile 30 Keywords
Track 30 Keywords

Advanced Domain Audit

Additional Software
Premium SEO Tool
Yoast Premium Setup

Benchmark & Track Reviews

Social Media
Benchmark & Track Social Media

Monthly Improvement
4 Additional Suggestions

Additional Tools
Premium SEO Tool: R500 per month
Yoast Premium: R1500 per year

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