Website Hosting, Backups, Security, & Maintenance


We offer a comprehensive service to keep your website hosted, backed up and secure. we are experts at ensuring your site is monitored and looked after, to minimise downtime as much as possible. We host your website on our dedicated servers, backup it up weekly offsite (to Dropbox) keeping at least 8 copies, ensure your WordPress website software is up-to-date, and monitor the security of your website 24/7 to check if any unusual activity occurs.

While no human alive can guarantee a website can never be hacked, we make it our top priority to kepp your website as safe and secure as it’s possible to be. If anything goes wrong, we either restore a backup, or fix the issue that has broken your site.

Please Note: Price is MONTHLY and starts from R650 per month, dependent on the complexity of your website. Month 2 onwards to be invoiced directly.

Category: Website Maintenance

Our WordPress Website Hosting, Backups, Security, & Maintenance Package includes:

  • Website hosting
  • Up to 5 POP email accounts*
  • Latest PHP version
  • SSL certificate
  • Weekly backups (8 backups are stored on an external Dropbox account, i.e. 2 months)
  • Software updates (including WordPress core, themes, and plugins; excluding site content)
  • Fixing incompatibilities or errors if software updates break your site
  • Comprehensive, layered WordPress security
  • 24/7 Intensive security monitoring (alerts are sent to our support staff)
  • Attack tracking (tracking whether your site is under attack, or has been hacked)
  • Mitigating all website attacks in real time

Please Note:

  • If you need more email accounts, we will discuss further otpions with you.
  • We can also register your domains and provide POP email addresses, or connect your MS Exchange account.
  • Domain registration is charged separately, depending on the suffix you choose (eg:, .com, .org etc.)

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