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WordPress Tip: Copy Text into NotePad First

Want a killer WordPress tip? When writing articles in another program that isn’t WordPress (like Word, OneNote, etc.) ALWAYS copy text into NotePad first, before copying it into your WordPress post or page.

This process strips out unwanted code (that you can’t see). This unwanted code can make your WordPress post or page settings act strangely and things that usually work, stop working (like the Read More excerpt feature). It’s a WordPress tip worth remembering!

If you suspect unwanted code is messing with your article settings, go to the top right hand side of where you type your article and click “Text” (to the right of the “Visual” tab). You should see your normal article text, just in a different font. There might be some bits of code if you have links or headings etc. in your article, but it will likely be minimal.

WordPress Tip: If you see lots of code and very little article text, this is how to remove it:

  1. Go back to the “Visual” tab, select all the text and copy it into Notepad
  2. Delete all the content in the article
  3. Select all the text in Notepad, and copy it back into your article
  4. Save it and check it again

If there was unwanted code it should have been removed, and your settings should start to work correctly again.

If you’re struggling, please contact us. If you’d rather we designed your website for you – we can do that too!

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