10 Foolproof Ways to Grow your Email List

1. Create awesome email content! It has to be good if you want readers to forward it on.

2. Encourage your current subscribers to share your emails by including social sharing buttons and a “Forward to a Friend” button. Please also include a “Subscribe” link at the end of every email so the new recipients can join your list permanently!

3. Run your own competition that people enter by signing up to your newsletter, then promote it everywhere – on your email, your website, and on social media.

4. Create various subscription options (eg: readers can subscribe to golfing, fishing or camping newsletters) so people can choose. They’re more likely to subscribe to something that caters to their unique interests.

5. Reinvigorate an old email list with an opt-in campaign. If you have a stale database, send them a once-off email with an outstanding offer to encourage them to join your current list. (Promise them that anyone who doesn’t respond will not be emailed again.)

6. Link to offers that capture email signups throughout your website. Keep your offers clear and up front, and include calls-to-action on just about every page of your website (especially the home page, main page of your blog, your ‘About Us’ page, and your ‘Contact Us’ page).

7. Run a promotion on a partner’s website or email newsletter that targets a new but appropriate audience. This way you can collect addresses from a fresh source!

8. Collaborate on a project (like an ebook or webinar) with a partner who complements your business. Ask them to promote it to their audience and afterwards, swap leads.

9. Collect email addresses at offline events like trade shows or conferences. Send them a welcome email to ask if they’d like to opt-in to your database. (If they don’t respond, don’t send to them again.)

10. Host your own offline, in-person events like networking functions or educational panels, and collect online registrations using email addresses.

Tackle one item at a time and start today! Many of these ideas are simple to implement. It pays to attack list building from as many angles as possible!

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