Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Trade and Lateral Development provides an email marketing service where we do everything for you, so you can concentrate on your core business. We help you to strategise your email marketing campaign, we design your email newsletter, we send your newsletter using the IBM Watson Campaign Automation bulk email service, and we report back on your results.

Trade and Lateral Development started in May 2000 and have been providing email marketing services to our customers ever since.

When you choose our email marketing service:

You won’t need to research email marketing strategies, learn to design an effective email newsletter, manage your database, learn how to use a bulk email service, or interpret email campaign reports.

We do it all for you.

But what about MailChimp…?

We are not like MailChimp, or any other consumer mailing system out there.

Yes, we provide an email marketing service, but we handle every aspect of your email marketing campaign for you, so you don’t need to find the time or learn the skills to do it yourself.

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We have been providing email marketing services for eighteen years.
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How does our email marketing service work?

Step 1: Formulate an Email Marketing Strategy

Together we clarify who your target market is, and what type of email newsletter they would most respond to. We structure an email marketing campaign and decide on a send schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever suits you and your market best).

Step 2: Compile Content

  1. We will provide a copywriter to write it for you.
  2. Or we can help you to source the content.
  3. Or you can source the content online or from hardcopy publications.
  4. Or you can write the content from scratch.
  5. We will source the images for your email newsletter, or you can supply them.

Step 3: Design the Email

We will design your email newsletter using your content, branding and images, according to email marketing best practice and to avoid spam filters.

Step 4: Proof the Email

You proof your email newsletter and we update and tweak it until you are 100% happy. (We don’t have a limit to how many sets of changes we make.)

Your newsletter is ready to go!

We will send it to your database of customers and you  wait for the responses to roll in!

Customer Reviews

“Trade & Lateral Development provide first class service delivery and design. The attention to detail is unmistakable and it is clear that client satisfaction is always a top priority. The quality and calibre of work have constantly exceeded my expectations.”

Yosheni Naidoo – LexisNexis

“We have been working with Michelle since 2012. She is a pleasure to work with – always professional and willing to help, especially when it comes to tight deadlines! She delivers creative work which is of a consistently high standard, on time and on brief. I would definitely recommend her to clients looking for someone to effectively manage their email and online communications.”

Waleska Saltori – FMI

Bulk Email Service

We will send your email newsletter to your database of customers using one of the most advanced bulk email services in the world: IBM Watson Campaign Automation.

Our bulk email service is comprised of three main parts:

  1. Database Management
  2. Testing and Sending
  3. Mailing Reports

1. Database Management

Database Setup: We setup your database and signup forms on our secure, confidential mailing system, using as many database fields as you need, and upload your customers. These fields are later used for personalistion of emails (eg: Dear “First Name”), and segmentation of your database (eg: send to everyone in KwaZulu-Natal).

Signup Forms: We create the online forms that will appear as links at the end of every email you send: ‘Subscribe Form’; ‘Unsubscribe / Snooze Form’; ‘Update Profile Form’; ‘Forward to a Friend Form’.

Progressive Signup Forms: We can also build a form that progressively displays more fields, each time a subscriber returns to the form. This means you can collect information about your subscribers in short increments so they don’t abandon your form (eg: When you offer a free article download, you’ll ask subscribers to complete two more questions each time, thereby learning more about them, so you can customise the emails they receive.)

Landing Pages: We can setup a new landing page (containing a form) for each special offer you send and track how many people fill out the form. We can also test which landing page designs are more effective than others. (eg: Ask readers to complete a form before they can access your free article, so you can learn more about them and therefore customise the emails you send them.

Landing Pages with Personalised URLs: We can personalise the landing page URL with the subscriber’s first and last name to greatly improve the conversion rate (eg:

Do you know how spam filters work?

One of the ways spam filters work is by assigning points to various email design features. Each design flaw has a points allocation based on how serious a problem it is. Once your email reaches a particular points threshold, it’s blocked by the filter.

Design issues that contribute to the spam score include things like lots of bold red lettering, overused words like “huge sale”, “buy now”, “while stocks last”, too many images and not enough text, or embedded images. There are plenty of other potential issues but our vast experience designing emails means our emails get delivered.

2. Testing and Bulk Mailing

A/B Split Tests: We can test any element of your email by sending two versions of the same email (each to 50% of your database) to see which gets a better response (eg: Email A uses subject A, Email B uses subject B – track which has the higher open rate.)

Bulk Mailing: We send your email newsletter to your database of customers, using our confidential bulk mailing system, TradeMail. You won’t need to learn how to use a new bulk mailing system, or try to fix your email campaign if everything breaks. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s all taken care of by professionals who have been doing this for seventeen years.

Throttling: At your request we can throttle your sending speed so the system only sends 1000 messages every hour, from the start time, to help control the workload placed on your organisation by the response to the mailing.

Publish to Social: We can set arrange that the system automatically posts your newsletter to your Twitter account, at the time of sending, so you won’t need to remember to do it yourself.

Share to Social: We will add links to various social media networks, to the end of every email, so readers can share your emails to their social networks. This way you can track who shared your email, how many times it was shared and how many times the share was opened (by the sharer’s friends / followers).

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We have been providing email marketing services for eighteen years.
Please fill in your details to get an instant email marketing quote. (We won’t add your name to our database.)

3. Mailing Reports

We will give you a personalised login to our mailing system so you can view and analyse your own reports. You can see the status and results of a mailing or an automated program, compare the results across multiple mailings or programs to see which are successful, and do comparative analysis of market segments. You can also export results data and create customised reports that only show the metrics relevant to you.

You’ll see the following metrics, and be able to download corresponding lists of email addresses (i.e. you can see exactly which email addresses bounced):

  • Tracking: Opens; clicks; forwarded; subscribed; unsubscribed.
  • Email Heat Maps: These show the relative popularity of links – please read a detailed description here.
  • Delivery Information: Suppressed recipients; seed recipients; list recipients; sent messages.
  • Delivery Calculations: Hard bounces; soft bounces.
  • Top Domains
  • Email Responses: Abuse complaints; mail blocks; mailing restrictions; change of address; other replies.
  • Share to Social: How many times your email was shared to which social networks; top 25 social influencers.
  • Publish to Social: How many people clicked the email link after you published it to a social network; opens and clicks on social media sites.
  • Dynamic Content: See which content blocks were displayed most frequently.
  • Trend Reports: Show data over time for up to 25 mailings at once.
  • Comparison Reports: Compare the performance of several mailings side by side.
  • Data Reports: Measure the growth of your database by checking the changes over time.
  • Website Reports: Check data for landing pages, web forms and web tracking like top visits by site, top visits by page, visits by source, type of visitor (new or returning) and more.

Premium Mailing Reports

Premium Mailing Reports are more advanced email marketing campaign reports that provide the following:

  • Get reports and analytics on which email devices and clients are being used to open your emails.
  • Calculate the preferred device of each unique email recipient and send targeted content based on this preference.
  • See how long people spent reading your email.
  • Gelolocate readers and track in which city and country they were when they opened your email.
  • Preview the look of your email newsletter across 30 different email clients such as Gmail, Outlook and iPhone.

Get an Email Marketing Quote

We have been providing email marketing services for eighteen years.
Please fill in your details to get an instant email marketing quote. (We won’t add your name to our database.)

Do you already have an email newsletter?

Is it working?

If not, do you know how to fix it?

If you’re looking for some suggestions of how to improve your newsletter and therefore improve your response, send it to us and we’ll give you some feedback. Our email newsletter evaluations are based on our many years of experience in the email marketing industry. They contain our opinions, based on our knowledge of email marketing best practice and ultimately, our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

We will:

  1. Check if the technical elements (images, links etc.) are functioning correctly
  2. Check if your email is legal
  3. Check for coding errors
  4. Checks if IPs and domains in your message are blacklisted
  5. Analyse content for known spam triggers

You’ll get our opinion on your:

  1. Subject line
  2. Send name
  3. Design and layout
  4. Type of content

You’ll also get:

  1. A list of 3 other potential spam triggers (if applicable to your email)
  2. 3 further suggestions for overall improvement

Please Note: Our email newsletter evaluations are based on our opinions and experience in the email marketing industry. They are not exhaustive and do not guarantee specific results. By requesting an email newsletter evaluation you agree to these terms.

Email Newsletter Evaluation

This is a free service. Please use the form below to send us the code of your newsletter and we'll get back to you with our evaluation as soon as possible.
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