Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Trade and Lateral Development provides an email marketing service where we help you to strategise your email marketing campaign and design your email newsletters for you, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Trade and Lateral Development started in May 2000 and have been providing email marketing services to our customers ever since.

How does our email marketing service work?

Step 1: Formulate an Email Marketing Strategy

Together we clarify who your target market is, and what type of email newsletter they would most respond to. We structure an email marketing campaign and decide on a send schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever suits you and your market best).

Step 2: Compile Content

  1. We will provide a copywriter to write it for you.
  2. Or we can help you to source the content.
  3. Or you can source the content online or from hardcopy publications.
  4. Or you can write the content from scratch.
  5. We will source the images for your email newsletter, or you can supply them.

Step 3: Design the Email Newsletter

We will design your email newsletter using your content, branding and images, according to email marketing best practice and to avoid spam filters.

Step 4: Proof the Email Newsletter

You proof your email newsletter and we update and tweak it until you are 100% happy. (We don’t have a limit to how many sets of changes we make.)

Your newsletter is ready to go!

You can send it to your database of customers and wait for the responses to roll in!

When you choose our email marketing service:

You won’t need to research email marketing strategies or learn to design an effective email newsletter yourself!

We do it all for you.

Customer Reviews

“Trade & Lateral Development provide first class service delivery and design. The attention to detail is unmistakable and it is clear that client satisfaction is always a top priority. The quality and calibre of work have constantly exceeded my expectations.”

Yosheni Naidoo – LexisNexis

“We have been working with Michelle since 2012. She is a pleasure to work with – always professional and willing to help, especially when it comes to tight deadlines! She delivers creative work which is of a consistently high standard, on time and on brief. I would definitely recommend her to clients looking for someone to effectively manage their email and online communications.”

Waleska Saltori – FMI